Juliette Perrin


17, Rue du Port

Franc CH-1003 Lausanne

Telephone: +41 (0)58 123 08 20

Fax: +41 (0)21 321 49 50

Admitted to Bar

Lausanne, 2011

Preferred fields of practice

Contract law

Family law

Inheritance law

Additional fields or practice

Criminal law

Labour law

Civil, criminal and administrative procedure law


French, English, German, Swiss-German, (Spanish)


University of Lausanne (Master en droit, 2002)

Faculty of law of the University of Bern (2000-2001, 3rd year)

Professional Experience

Department of Education, Youth and Culture of the Canton of Vaud, Service of Higher Education (2008)

Faculty of Law, University of Lausanne, family law and inheritance law, Prof. S. Sandoz (2002-2006) and P. Meier (2006-2007)

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